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Lost Judgment Pre-Order Bonuses, Deluxe Editions, And DLC Roadmap Revealed

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For Yakuza fans excited to get their hands on the spin-off Lost Judgment, the latest adventure’s release is just around the corner. For anyone looking to scoop up a few extra goodies, Sega has just revealed a roadmap of DLC as well as the different editions available to purchase alongside pre-order bonuses. 

Which Lost Judgment edition should you get? 

The game’s launch is slated for September 24, with an Early Access period set for September 21. There are three versions of the game to purchase, including the Digital Deluxe and Digital Deluxe versions. There will be even more content post-launch for those who opt into the latter two options, including new stories. 

Quick-Start Support Pack

  • Health items 
  • New Extract recipes
  • Wayfarer’s Lucky Cat
    • More in-game yen

Detective Essentials Pack – September 24

  • More detective dogs
  • New skateboard and skate park
  • Sky Spider Drone 
    • Extract
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