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Madison Challenges You To Survive A Demonic Ritual One Photo At A Time

If you’re a horror fan looking for a new experience to give you the heebie jeebies, Madison may be worth putting on your radar. This newly revealed psychological horror game comes from Nosebleed Games, a two-person team based in Argentina. If you enjoy unnerving adventures that mess with your mind like Fatal Frame, P.T., or Devotion, Madison appears to be striking similar chords. 

As protagonist Luca, you awaken in a dark room covered in blood. You’re not sure what’s up other than you’re at the mercy of a demon named Madison who tortures Luca to force him into finishing a bloody ritual that began decades prior. What’s the nature of this ceremony and why are you the unlucky soul tasked with conducting it? Unfortunately, getting those answers will be easier said than done.

Armed with just a Polaroid camera, you’ll capture photos to solve puzzles and explore the unsettling surroundings while … Read more